RGT Guitar EXAM results – All distinctions this time

DSC03053Success in Guitar Exams for all

Well done to the 2 lads Andrew and Sam that did their Grade 2 exams in April. Sam successful in his Grade 2 Acoustic with a distinction and Andrew was also successful in his Grade 2 Electric guitar exam with a distinction. Both benefitted from a whole heap of hard work and solid backing from their families to make sure all the practice was done to get the right result.

Both are pleasing results and both lads are on their way to having a long and fun filled time playing the guitar.

Grades are not the be all and end all but they have their place and structured learning is extremely helpful with making sure you get the most out of your skills and dexterity. It is also really helpful if you are a creative spirit in that it helps you understand how music works.

Interested in Guitar lessons?

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