What makes me different? Many things…..

1. The environment! You will love it, it’s clean, safe and obviously so. You are not being taught out of a shed, or the living room with family members walking through. I have a large studio where you can sing if you like, stand if you want and where you are recorded and can make use of the high levels of equipment I have. There is no doubt that good amps, equipment and sound fill you with confidence and get the most out of you. In addition you can play LOUD here. The neighbours are a long way off!

Secondly,Me! Well you knew I would say that but basically you get a wholly professional service from someone who has been involved in music all his life. My philosophy is all about getting you to play the sort of music that you want to play, not what I want to play.

I do train students along the Grade lines and do encourage my students to go down the grade route. Grades are not everything mind you but they do provide an excellent framework for increasing your knowledge as you learn and fine tune your skills and improve your dexterity.

Currently I have a 100% pass rate on exams, one day that will change but still, lets hope that’s a way off right now.

All materials other than backing tracks are provided free of charge and are copyright free and of good quality. There’s no scrappy pieces of paper here. You will find that I have detailed song notes for many songs that will allow you to be playing along to old standards and new songs without mistakes within weeks of starting

As you can see, you can sit, stand and even sing if you want in a good clean airy environment with quality kit. The learnings fun as well as professional and informative.

And finally, you can be recorded using all the quality effects and amps here and take your work home to either work on or to show your friends, family or to send off as demo’s to whoever you want. As a Logic Pro Certified Pro Engineer I can help you to get the most out of what you’ve got.

Whatever your age, Come and learn Electric guitar with me. My customers are all ages and like all types of music. Here you learn by playing, the lesson is all about playing whether its learning chords or lead improvisation.

Here we spend the lessons focussing on your musical desires. Lead playing involves learning skills, techniques and improving your physical dexterity whilst playing in key and understanding your scales and arpeggios and how to apply them in a song context. learning chords is through learning real songs, not dreary chord charts.

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I love my Taylor 714 special edition. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. Coupled with my AER Compact 60 I can really cut through. Acoustic lessons are either Fingerstyle and Flatpicking depending upon the style of music you want to play. Come do your grades or learn to play songs from your favourite artists!

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I offer a range of services from mixing and arranging your songs to the creation of Bespoke backing tracks and Beats for sale. I also offer training packages in Logic Pro X.

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Teaching you Guitar

Whether you want to play 6 string, 7 string, 12 sting, Electric or Acoustic, I am fully equipped to help you. If you want to do grades, I can help - I have 100% pass rate! 

From Cheesy Pop through to Rock, Metal, Reggae, Punk, Folk  and Jazz, I can help, creating lessons that are directly related to what you want to  achieve. 

Bespoke Backing Tracks

Are you a singer songwriter or performer who needs backing tracks of famous artists to accompany your performance? Get in touch to see what I can produce for you. I can create backing tracks for all artists with only the instruments you want. All tracks are fully licenced through the PRS so you are all legit!

Custom Beats and Backing Tracks

My Custom beats come with Exclusive rights to the instrumental. Files will be uncompressed and Radio ready.   Have a look in the store to get an idea of what we’re capable of. Song keys can always be changed, just contact me for more info.

Pro Mix and Arrangement

I am no stranger to mixing and arranging material. If when creating your own songs you feel that you need that extra sparkle, punch, and clarity to cut through or some additional instrumentation then get in touch. I can give you that and more, using state‐of‐the‐art software and equipment. I am a Logic Pro Certified Professional and use the Native Instruments Maschine, S61 and Komplete Ultimate suite of products.

Artist Services

I offer professional web design and build services for Artists of all levels. From beginners wanting to get known, established artists and Music Educators.

Guitar lessons for Schools and Youngsters

Private lessons and lessons in schools for youngsters in Gloucestershire are available. I have ten schools partners currently. I have programs specifically designed for school children including many well known tunes to keep youngsters interested. I have current DBS clearance, Safeguarding Training and Public Liability Insurance  through the Musicians Union

So you want to play Guitar? come find me at

I am located near Stroud in Gloucestershire. FaceTime and Skype lessons are also available

Phone: 07917 022412

Email: enquiries@rtguitars.co.uk

Look forward to hearing from you!

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