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Green Day at Hyde Park – Summer 2017

A really cool day! The wife and I were lucky enough o be offered VIP tickets for the Hyde Park Festival. It was worth it for the quality of the toilets alone! Luckily the weather was great as well. First up was The Damned, possibly the most "un-punk" punk band I have ever seen. T'was ok as a  starter but this about it. The Hives did their black and white thing and played a good set but showed why they will always be division 2 players really. Good quality music but something missing for me.

It all heated up from then on. Gogol Bordello did a high energy punk/gypsy set that reminded me a bit of the Levellers. A great high energy hour. They went down well. Next up was Rancid, a band I have wanted to see them for years and they did not disappoint. Great punk tunes played at high velocity. 

Then onto the main event, Green Day and it was a fantastic 2 hours of music, all the hits and more with  a great acoustic finale from Billie Joe to end.

You can see the full set list here 

Highlights for me had to be the encores, Jesus of Suburbia and American Idiot and the acoustic set. All in all 27 songs and two hours of good fun. See them if you can!

Whatever your age, Come and learn Electric guitar with me. My customers are all ages and like all types of music.  Here you learn by playing, the lesson is all about playing whether its learning chords or lead improvisation. 

Here we spend the lessons focussing on your musical desires. Lead playing involves learning skills, techniques and improving your physical dexterity whilst playing in key and understanding your scales and arpeggios and how to apply them in a song context. learning chords is through learning real songs, not dreary chord charts. 

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I love my Taylor 714 special edition. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned. 

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I offer a range of services from mixing and arranging your songs to the creation of Bespoke backing tracks and Beats for sale. I also offer training packages in Logic Pro X. 

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Teaching you Guitar

Whether you want to play 6 string, 7 string, 12 sting, Electric or Acoustic, I am fully equipped to help you. If you want to do grades, I can help - I have 100% pass rate! 

From Cheesy Pop through to Rock, Metal, Reggae, Punk, Folk  and Jazz, I can help, creating lessons that are directly related to what you want to  achieve. 

Bespoke Backing Tracks

Are you a singer songwriter or performer who needs backing tracks of famous artists to accompany your performance? Get in touch to see what I can produce for you. I can create backing tracks for all artists with only the instruments you want. All tracks are fully licenced through the PRS so you are all legit!

Custom Beats and Backing Tracks

My Custom beats come with Exclusive rights to the instrumental. Files will be uncompressed and Radio ready.   Have a look in the store to get an idea of what we’re capable of. Song keys can always be changed, just contact me for more info.

Pro Mix and Arrangement

I am no stranger to mixing and arranging material. If when creating your own songs you feel that you need that extra sparkle, punch, and clarity to cut through or some additional instrumentation then get in touch. I can give you that and more, using state‐of‐the‐art software and equipment. I am a Logic Pro Certified Professional and use the Native Instruments Maschine, S61 and Komplete Ultimate suite of products.

Artist Services

I offer professional web design and build services for Artists of all levels. From beginners wanting to get known, established artists and Music Educators.

Guitar lessons for Schools and Youngsters

Private lessons and lessons in schools for youngsters in Gloucestershire are available. I have ten schools partners currently. I have programs specifically designed for school children including many well known tunes to keep youngsters interested. I have current DBS clearance, Safeguarding Training and Public Liability Insurance  through the Musicians Union

So you want to play Guitar? come find me at

I am located near Stroud in Gloucestershire. FaceTime and Skype lessons are also available

Phone: 07917 022412


Look forward to hearing from you!

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Gig review – Korn and Limp Bizkit – Cardiff – December 2017

Learning Korn Guitar

Before I yadder on about the gig, I do teach people to learn Korn Guitar styles and songs at my studio. Read on to the bottom for the most important thing you need to know!

The Venue

Out of all the bigger venues, this has to be one of my favourites around the country. Easy parking, great local food and a hall that’s not massive so you do get to see the band without the aid of binoculars or a TV Screen. Arriving late I caught only the last 2 numbers of the support act Madball which was a bit of a mistake in hindsight. They are certainly worthy of further inspection.

Limp Bizkit

Co-Headliners Limp Bizkit were on for about 80 mins and went through a whole range of hits including Rollin’, Hot Dog and Take a look around. Their music lends itself to this sort of hall and they really did get the arena rocking with their powerful rap infused metal. Limp Bizkit were not on my must see list but I am glad I did. As a result I’d give them 5 stars.


Most of all,  I was really there for Korn. At Download they had been very impressive so I was keen to hear them again but from a bit closer than at Download. I was able to get pretty close,  and as the soundcheck was going on I could feel that kick drum pound right through my body.

Straight in with “Right now” which set the scene for an evening of crushing riffs and catchy hook lines. Furthermore Drummer Ray was knocking nine bags of Sh** out of his drum kit with Fieldy keeping the songs moving with his iconic bass playing.

Both Head and Munky were also on top form and Jonathan’s singing was at it’s usual great level. We even had some bagpipes!

Like Limp Bizkit, this is stadium rock at its best and I was knocked out by them.  I will see them again

Korn on top form are something to behold and that night they were on great form and the set included Here to Stay, Rotting in Vain, Word up, Coming Undone and Falling away from me.  The full setlist can is found here

Here’s a few photos from the gig. Were they better than at Download? Probably yes!

Finally, If you want to learn Korn guitar styles then get in touch with me via the contact page but first………………..


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RGT Guitar EXAM results – All distinctions this time

DSC03053Success in Guitar Exams for all

Well done to the 2 lads Andrew and Sam that did their Grade 2 exams in April. Sam successful in his Grade 2 Acoustic with a distinction and Andrew was also successful in his Grade 2 Electric guitar exam with a distinction. Both benefitted from a whole heap of hard work and solid backing from their families to make sure all the practice was done to get the right result.

Both are pleasing results and both lads are on their way to having a long and fun filled time playing the guitar.

Grades are not the be all and end all but they have their place and structured learning is extremely helpful with making sure you get the most out of your skills and dexterity. It is also really helpful if you are a creative spirit in that it helps you understand how music works.

Interested in Guitar lessons?

I still have 100% pass rate with students of all ages so if you are interested in having lessons yourself or getting your kids involved then please get in touch via or give me a call on 07917 022412.




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Are you learning the guitar for fun or a career?

Remember the reality of the music industry! A thought provoking article about life as a musician. I do think that all youngsters need to have a read of this article if they are going to think about a career in the music industry. It’s a tough old life and success is not always guaranteed by Hard work.

Read on…

Guitar or Music lessons can give you the technical skills that you need to succeed but there’s a whole lot of other things needed. Its a calling for most people. I start by offering guitar and music lessons to Primary school kids, focussing on the fun and melody elements of playing and move forward through to the more complex with my older customers.

learning  the guitar for fun

Learning the guitar should be fun and all about getting you to you play the sort of music that you want to play. Rock, Blues and all types of new wave and metal as well as reggae are my favourites but the idea of my lessons is to get you play the music that is important to you.

We all have our heroes.  That’s why we do this. Get in contact via the contact page and I’ll see if I can help you get to play what you want to be playing. On the grades front, I still have a 100% pass rate with my students

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Guitar Tuition – 3 Distinctions on RGT Exams

All students and parents are happy with this term’s guitar tuition results! Well done to Oscar (Grade 4 Electric guitar) Stan (Grade 4 Acoustic Guitar) and Ollie (Grade 1 Acoustic Guitar) for their success. I had 3 students in for the winter exams and all 3 passed WITH DISTINCTION which is a super effort. Special mention goes to Stan who now had a Distinction for Grade One, Two, Three, and Four.

Keep it going!!

OSCARI’ve still got a 100% pass rate with my students

so if you are looking for Grade style learning as a parent or in your own right, then you can be assured of quality and that I do not put them in for the exams before they are ready. No point in paying twice!

Thanks to the parents for leaping and making sure the necessary practice goes on. It always .helps and enhances the chances of success.

Guitar Tuition and teaching in Stroud, Bussage , Chalford

As well as learning for the exams using all the RGT resources form the Grade books, I have 100’s of quality resources for both chord songs and lead improvisation. I have 100’s of song walkthrough’s of a quality you cannot get for free on the internet that will allow you to play famous chordDSC02985s songs all the way through very easily and just like the originals.

I have take great care to replicate songs exactly and chosen a range of songs to cover all grades, decades and styles of music with a huge range of chord changes that you will find in songs that YOU want
to play.

In the end, Guitar tuition is all about YOU, making sure that you are able to play the styles and genres of music that you want to play. That is my aim and always my goal.

Feel free to get in touch via the contact button to get more information about how I can help you reach your musical objectives. It’s easier than you think. I am based in the Stroud, Bussage , Chalford area of Gloucestershire.




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Why you need a guitar teacher – Morrisman has it nailed

Morrisman Smith’s riff Station critique says it all about the limits of online lessons.  Morrisman is a US tutor and has some great insights into what’s going to help you become the guitarist you want to be. His views mirror mine.

Have a listen to his review of Riff Station. It might help! Plus it might save you some money!

With me, You’ll learn chord songs and solos based upon ACCURATE chord charts of songs. These will tell you which version and will include the full song structure that you cannot get from Ultimate Guitar tabs or any chord song websites.

For Guitar lessons or and Music tech or Music Production in the Stroud, Chalford, Bussage areas, get in touch via the contact page.



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RGT Exam results…Stan gets another Distinction and Callum a Grade 4 Merit.

2 more passes. Stan gets a Grade 3 Acoustic guitar Distinction and Callum gets a Grade 4 Acoustic Merit award, missing a distinction by a whisker. That’s 2 great performances from the lads so well done indeed. Stan gained praise all round for his excellent performance which included a 100% performance in the Accompaniment section of the exam.

Well done to both of you and thanks for keeping my 100% pass rate!

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RGT Guitar Exam results – Still 100% pass rate for RT Guitars

Congratulations to Sam for getting a distinction in his Grade one Acoustic Guitar Exam. Sam is the youngest student I have had to do the exam and worked hard with attention to all areas covered by the Grade. Well done Sam.

Congratulations also to Andrew who passed his electric guitar grade one exam with flying colours. Andrew received a distinction and was praised by the Examiner for his melodic solo.

Well done to both of you!

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RGT Exam news….100% pass rate again this term!!

So thanks to Callum, Stan, Anya, Benj, Seb and Oscar for allowing me to brag that I still have a 100% pass rate for all students in the summer season RGT exams for both electric and acoustic guitar.

Anya was a Distinction in her grade one with the highest score ever, only narrowly better than Stan’s 94% on Grade 2 acoustic. All the others were merits with Oscar putting in an excellent performance in getting a grade 3 Electric pass, narrowly missing out on a merit too. So well done to all of you!!