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RGT Exam results…Stan gets another Distinction and Callum a Grade 4 Merit.

2 more passes. Stan gets a Grade 3 Acoustic guitar Distinction and Callum gets a Grade 4 Acoustic Merit award, missing a distinction by a whisker. That’s 2 great performances from the lads so well done indeed. Stan gained praise all round for his excellent performance which included a 100% performance in the Accompaniment section of the exam.

Well done to both of you and thanks for keeping my 100% pass rate!

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RGT Guitar Exam results – Still 100% pass rate for RT Guitars

Congratulations to Sam for getting a distinction in his Grade one Acoustic Guitar Exam. Sam is the youngest student I have had to do the exam and worked hard with attention to all areas covered by the Grade. Well done Sam.

Congratulations also to Andrew who passed his electric guitar grade one exam with flying colours. Andrew received a distinction and was praised by the Examiner for his melodic solo.

Well done to both of you!

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RGT Exam news….100% pass rate again this term!!

So thanks to Callum, Stan, Anya, Benj, Seb and Oscar for allowing me to brag that I still have a 100% pass rate for all students in the summer season RGT exams for both electric and acoustic guitar.

Anya was a Distinction in her grade one with the highest score ever, only narrowly better than Stan’s 94% on Grade 2 acoustic. All the others were merits with Oscar putting in an excellent performance in getting a grade 3 Electric pass, narrowly missing out on a merit too. So well done to all of you!!