Green Day at Hyde Park – Summer 2017

A really cool day! The wife and I were lucky enough o be offered VIP tickets for the Hyde Park Festival. It was worth it for the quality of the toilets alone! Luckily the weather was great as well. First up was The Damned, possibly the most “un-punk” punk band I have ever seen. T’was ok as a starter but this about it. The Hives did their black and white thing and played a good set but showed why they will always be division 2 players really. Good quality music but something missing for me.

It all heated up from then on. Gogol Bordello did a high energy punk/gypsy set that reminded me a bit of the Levellers. A great high energy hour. They went down well. Next up was Rancid, a band I have wanted to see them for years and they did not disappoint. Great punk tunes played at high velocity.

Then onto the main event, Green Day and it was a fantastic 2 hours of music, all the hits and more with a great acoustic finale from Billie Joe to end.

You can see the full set list here

Highlights for me had to be the encores, Jesus of Suburbia and American Idiot and the acoustic set. All in all 27 songs and two hours of good fun. See them if you can!

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