My Trip to Denmark Street

Denmark St is the world famous road full of nostalgia for guitar nuts. I used to go past it and take a look practically every month when I worked in London. Just before christmas, I went on a sunday to a gig in London so I decided to spend some time in Denmark St looking for two new guitars for my collection, Ebay being a bit thin on these. One is is a Charvel with a Kahler Trem and the other is a Carvin DC600.

My ’80’s Charvel is still a wonder to play with great pick ups and fast neck. So I want another but this time with the rare Kahler Tem. Just do. It’s not a question of need…

This was a suDSC02964nday and here’s some pics of some of the famous shops. No Charvels, no Carvin but there was a Fender strat that the great SRV used to own.

I have not plucked up the courage to email and enquire the cost yet……

There’s plenty of vintage Fenders and Gibsons and pedals galore but I think I have enough of those right now.

There was a vintage Coloursound was/fuzz but the chap wanted £250 for that and I know there’s one in a Brighton shop that you could get for cash for half of that.

I spent a good hour and a half wandering and chatting before making my way down to the Coronet to see Hawkwind supported by Steve Hillage.

No Charvels or Carvins unfortunately…..

So plenty to sDSC02947ee but not what I would say a place for bargains although you are always likely to find something of interest. There’s nowhere in the country like it with so much cool and interesting stuff.

Take a trip when you next go to London. Far more interesting than The Monument or Cleopatras needle.

there’s also a great bookstore or two and loads of the lick library DVD’s which are useful if you want the definitive on any particular song.

Many vintage Fenders in here

No room to swing a cat in here!

Mostly Pedals in here and Keyboard tech stuff

Some nice Gibsons lurking in here….

DSC02960 DSC02959 DSC02958 DSC02957 DSC02955 DSC02954 DSC02953