The quality of sound does make a difference to how you play, there’s no doubt about that and I have invested heavily to make sure my clients get the best out of their time so as well as learning and creating, they are sounding good.

I have invested heavily in tools and products from Native Instruments to make sure that I am able to provide a high quality finish to the music creations of my customers. I have the Komplete Ultimate 10 package as well as Maschine Studio which provides me a complete creative suite and a wealth of sounds and professional tools of the highest order.


My main console is Apple based with Logic Pro X, with Avid MC Control and MC Mix providing the mixing and management.


The microphones are a mixture of Neumann ( including a new TLM107) AND RODE.

Mic PreAmps are provided by Focusrite and their Liquid technology. Whisper quiet Mic preAmps together with their mind blowing microphone emulations make this the perfect device for the backbone of the studio. Check out this Sound on Sound review to see how good this is.

The Liquid Saffire 56 offers you the following pre-amp emulations that you can take advantage of.

Trany H API3124+
Silver 2 Avalon VT-737SP
FF Red 1 H Focusrite RED1
Saville Row Helios console
Dunk Manley Slam!
New Age 1 Millennia HV3D
Class A 2A Neve 1073
Old Tube Pultec MB1
Deutsch 72 Telefunken V72
Stellar 1B Universal Audio M610


Sansamp PSA 1.1 is my main device and if you want to know what all the fuss is about then just look at this review . There’s also my Dr Z Maz and AER Compact 60 for the Acoustic guitarists.

THERE’S ALSO A MESA BOOGIE F30, Fender ’65 and Roland amps

The main meat FX is provided by TC Electronics and the amazing G Force unit. I have also invested in the TC Electronic G-Force Artist Card comes with an outrageous 245 custom artist presets designed by guitarists such as Paul Jackson Jr., Steve Vai, Bob Bradshaw, Trey Gunn, Eric Johnson. and Dweezil Zappa that delivers even more killer sounds.

Pedals galore are around as well. Here’s my favourites


Computers have always been a big thing in my life and for the music I create, I use samplers on a daily basis. Groove stations are new generation musical devices and I have the truly awesome. If you have not got involved with these devices then check out the Native Instruments website and prepare to be amazed.

Native Instruments Studio

BOSS DR880 – So good, it’s not been changed much in 10 years


Native Instruments provide the bulk of my synth souds and processing. I have the entire Complete 10 package which includes modern and retro synth sounds together with the amazing production tools including compressors, reverb plugins and EQ tools.

Here’s what the pro’s say…..


Feel the need to borrow one for the session?

There’s a Taylor 714CE-S, Gibson Les Paul (USA), Fender Strat (USA) ESP Horizon, Jackson RR5 Pro (Japanese) Gretsch 5120 (The DeArmond pick up version), Gretsch 12 string Electric Yamaha APX-900 Acoustic, ESP Viper (EMG’s) and an awesome Dean Razorback plus a few others including basses knocking around.






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