I offer guitar teaching and guitar hire which makes life easier for the Schools ever busy administration team.

Guitar teaching is also undertaken from Year 3 onwards. I am currently teaching at 10 schools throughout Gloucestershire, all of whom will give me a great reference. I work with the school to establish the program and the prices. I am happy to teach on a one to one basis or groups up to 4 if we need to keep the costs down.

I have all the necessary documentation that you require including

  • current CRB’s as an independent Tutor and also current Gloucestershire County Council version.
  • As a member of the Musicians Union, I have the Public Liability Insurance that you require.
  • Standardised Musicians Union contracts
  • Recently renewed Safeguarding training.

I also have a Gloucestershire County Council supplier number to make life easy for you.

Students are accepted from Year 2 although my preference is Y3 and above. All students follow a progression that is based upon the Registry of Guitar Tutors learning program with accreditations and exams being available from the outset.

Students are encouraged to perform in front of their groups, classes and schools in assembly and are recorded live as part of the program. This allows them to take CD’s of performance and progress back to the parents.





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