Most people just jump in and start making music with Apple’s (or others for that matter) products. They end up using only 10% of the features of the products and taking ages over simple tasks due to poor workflow. Most can benefit from a training session of a few hours or more.

I create a custom training and tuition depending on your objectives, current level and budgets. I have worked with complete beginners and professionals who want to write and record their ideas but don’t have the time or patience and simply wish to fast-track their learning so they can create quality recordings.

You may already be a Garageband or Logic Pro user but need to delve deeper into the wealth of functions and facilities that Logic and Garageband offer. I have helped lots of musicians in this situation.


There are 3 kinds of standard programmes that may suit you, these include:

  1. Getting Started:

A practical overview of the basic functions to get you up and running fast! The training is based upon 2 hour sessions at £50 each

  1. Intro Course:

Planned over 10 one hour sessions this programme will ensure you have an in depth understanding of Logic Pro or Garagband’s core features

  1. Full Programme:

If you want to get the most out of Logic then this is the course for you! This can be taken over an extended period to allow you time to practice and embed the techniques and skill acquired!