Are you learning the guitar for fun or a career?

Remember the reality of the music industry! A thought provoking article about life as a musician. I do think that all youngsters need to have a read of this article if they are going to think about a career in the music industry. It’s a tough old life and success is not always guaranteed by Hard work.

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Guitar or Music lessons can give you the technical skills that you need to succeed but there’s a whole lot of other things needed. Its a calling for most people. I start by offering guitar and music lessons to Primary school kids, focussing on the fun and melody elements of playing and move forward through to the more complex with my older customers.

learning the guitar for fun

Learning the guitar should be fun and all about getting you to you play the sort of music that you want to play. Rock, Blues and all types of new wave and metal as well as reggae are my favourites but the idea of my lessons is to get you play the music that is important to you.

We all have our heroes. That’s why we do this. Get in contact via the contact page and I’ll see if I can help you get to play what you want to be playing. On the grades front, I still have a 100% pass rate with my students