Here’e some beginners songs broken into 6 sections. The get more complicated, both in finger work and rhythmically as you progress. On each, there’s a note about Covid. I put these pages up for my students in the Pandemic. I’ve left it in as there’s 120 pages to redo and I’m not going to do it!!

Enjoy the songs

Level 1

In the Morning

Moving Waves

Mary had a little lamb

Star Wars Imperial March

London Bridge is falling down

Twinkle Twinkle little star

Happy Birthday

Mission Impossible

London’s Burning

Level 2

If You’re happy and you know it

Star Wars main theme (Beginners short version)

Ode to Joy

Scooby Scooby Do, where are you?


Camptown Races

Michael row the boat ashore

Love me tender

Level 3

The Drunken Sailor

Old MacDonald had a farm


For He’s a jolly good fellow

Wallace and Grommit


Oh when the saints go marching in (high pitch)

Early one morning

It’s a small world

Level 4

Daisy (A Bicycle made for two)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Meet the Flintstones


Yankee Doodle

Zipadee Doo-Dah

The Can Can

Harry Potter

DareDevil Theme

Peppa Pig

Big Rock Candy Mountain

That’s all Folks!! (Bugs Bunny!!!!)

Level 5

The bare necessities

The Addams Family

Indiana Jones 

Scarborough Fair

Skye Boat song

Waltzing Matilda

James Bond

Swing low, sweet chariot

The Simpsons

Level 6

When you wish upon a star

Inspector Gadget

La Cucuracha (The Cockroach)

Star Wars (Full)

The Wild Rover

The Godfather 

Match of the day

Sailors Hornpipe