Songs for Kids

Beat Coronavirus Boredom! Learn the guitar!!

Songs for kids to play on the guitar

These are some of the worksheets of the melodies that I use on a daily basis teaching kids how to play the guitar in schools.

These songs are designed for beginners and above under the age of 11 but if you are older and want a go, then feel free. Teaching kids is different from teaching adults. Attention span, physical strength and dexterity are different and most are not following heroes and wanting to be the next Jimmy Page. So you have to make them fun, relevant and simple to play.

I have tried here to create the essential melody and tune of each particular song, theme tune or film score, they have all been simplified to make them playable of beginners acoustics. There’s nothing up on the 12th fret.

There are sections currently.

Kids Songs, TV and Movie Theme Tunes

Simplified Rock Riffs

Christmas Songs and Melodies

Its all free for you to use and download. There is a “PayPal donate” button for you to use if you want, anything would be appreciated, lets face it I’m not going to be earning any other money for the next few months!