Download 2016. Rain doesn’t stop play

Friday, at the top of the hill!

I took a break from Guitar lessons and playing music over the weekend to go to the Download 2016 festival.

Well you guessed it, It was wet, very very wet but hugely enjoyable too with many great bands to choose from on all stages. Friday from me was The Wildhearts who did not really live up to my expectations, I have wanted to see them for ages but never got round to it. Killswitch Engage followed by Korn and the Rammstein produced an excellent evening of entertainment and Metal music. Rammstein as always were in a class of their own with huge amounts of pyrotechnics to go along with the pounding riffs

Still more rain on saturday and I made the wise choice to miss Black Sabbath and watch NOFX on the Encore Stage. The American punk legends put on a great show and you could get up real close which is what live music is really about. Before that I had seen Rival Sons (ok) Megadeth ( pretty good) and Skindred who were the stars of the day.The Newport Helicopter in the pouring rain was sight to see and be involved with. Sunday was more rain and 5 hours to get into the car park which put a dampener on the day. It was an ok day but really Korn, Killswitch Engage Skindred, NOFX and Rammstein were the ones that made it worth it for me. Korn’s music worked really well in the

In my Guitar lessons, I can show you great metal riffs from Rammstein and all the best bands at the festival so if you want to get in touch, hit the contact button or give me a call on 07917 022412

Getting into The Maverick Stage to see The Wildhearts. It got wetter and the mud got deeper as the weekend continued.












Getting close to NOFX. You can see the rain!
Getting close to NOFX. You can see the rain




That sky looks dark…….Learn all the famous Black Sabbath riffs in my lessons
Kindred’s set was amazing. Get ready to retune your guitars if you want to play their stuff!












Learn Hangar 18 from Megadeth, all the main riffs and the solo!
Learn Hangar 18 from Megadeth, all the main riffs and the solo!