Anyone who’s read David Byrne (Talking Heads) recent book ‘How music Works” will have seen his thoughts on the recording industry and the future of Recording Studios. Basically outside the large Abbey Road/ Rockfield Studios, they are in decline as Artists can do more and more at home. Sadly this has happened in Stroud recently so why not take advantage of my great facilities!

My studio is an Audio mixing and arranging facility with high spec equipment and software, instruments, mics and technology. Feel free to look at the Equipment page to see what is here. AER Compact 30, DR Z Maz and Sansamp PSA1.1 top the amps and Neumann the Mics. 

Services include


I Produce  high-quality beats for sale. These are used by

  • Artists looking for their own unique backing track. These can be Classical Orchestral pieces right through to Contemporary Rock, Metal or just Hip Hop/Urban and world music, we cover the entire musical spectrum and with competitive prices that even you won’t believe!
  • Jingles for Radio Staions
  • Jingles or Soundscapes for Commercial Companies TV stations or Presentation packs
  • Websites
  • Audio for Games, Film, specialising in Action, Horror, Sci-fi and fantasy themes.

Feel free to contact me and have a chat


I offer a complete range of recording packages to suit your requirements. I will work with you to hone your sound and to bring out the best in you. Session musicians can be arranged as well as can a range of different recording spaces depending upon what is required.


Once your tracks are recorded, next comes the mixing process. This process blends all of the individual sounds down to the final Stereo or 5.1 audio. Every instrument is carefully assessed in how it fits into the mix and affects the overall sound.

Bring your multi-track projects to me and let me breathe life and energy into your ideas. I have experience of mixing all genres of music, which includes: Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Pop, Drum & Bass, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance right the way through to, Classical, Acoustic, Ambient / Chill Out, Spoken Word, Reggae  and Dub and all variations of World Music. As a Certified Logic Pro Engineer, I am able to correct timing and pitch issues but it’s best to have a chat before sending me files to work on.


Singer songwriters can take advantage of my home studio . It’s a boutique professional-quality facility with high quality equipment , ideal for singer-songwriters, and musicians wishing to make the most of their material.

 Check out the studio equipment page to see what kit is available to you.  (Check out the Studio Equipment page!).


Logic Pro, Native Instruments  and Machine Studio training is all available for those who want to improve their skillsets.