Welcome to my website. I am a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors and an Apple Certified Professional and teach guitar from my Studio just outside Stroud and at schools. I have a successful home based practice that provides one to one guitar lessons and Music tech tuition and I currently teach in 10 schools with nearly 200 students. I am also fully CRB checked, am a member of the Musicians Union and have full Public Liability insurance.

I play electric and acoustic guitar with my main “thing ” being playing lead guitar. My influences are mainly blues, rock, metal, reggae, punk and ska. There’s plenty of style crossover. I personally like my rock music and nothing gives me more pleasure than rocking out at the end of the day or enjoying some good old acoustic blues to wind down.

Feel free to browse the links above give you full details of both the private tutoring and the schools programs available.My influences are mainly

  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Reggae
  • Country
  • Punk (old skool and new)
  • Pop

There’s plenty of style crossover but my philosophy is to get you to play the type of music that you want to play. Along the way, I may introduce you to some new music but it’s all about you and your goals.

We’ll learn chords by playing full songs, not from scraps of paper from Ultimate Guitar where you have to guess the bar structure, but from accurate detailed song walkthrough charts. The plan is ALWAYS to get you to play the type of songs you want to play and hopefully I can introduce you to some new stuff along the way.

Learning lead is all about playing, playing and playing so don’t be surprised if over half the lesson is you jamming along to backing tracks after we have been exploring the skills, techniques and timing of the greats such as Blackmore, Hendrix, Gilmour, Gibbons, SRV to name but 5.

I also teach to Grades via RGT, it’s a very good way to learn and there’s no doubt that success in grades increases your knowledge and overall appreciation of the art.

Currently I have a 100% pass rate on exams, one day that will change but still, lets hope that’s a way off right now!